You will be safe

Welcoming and relationship

We will welcome you in compliance with all the rules of physical distancing. However we will make sure that you feel our discreet presence.

We will wear all the necessary equipment in order to ensure our protection as well as yours. Our eyes will show you the usual smile that we offer to each guest.

You will find hand sanitizing products at the entrance of the residence. We will discreetly remind you to wear masks and personal protective equipment, if the holiday relaxation would make you forget them.

You can fill in the online check-in right after booking in order to limit opportunities for physical proximity. The visual check of the document will be enough upon arrival!


Our residence will be cleaned with the same care that has built our shiny reputation in these five years of activity. However, we have implemented new protocols to mainly protect the health of those who choose us:

  •  The products are those certified for the environment sanitization – alcohol detergents based on hydrogen peroxide and chlorine –
  • Fabrics and curtains will be micro-sprayed with hydrogen peroxide each time we receive new guests, as well as all surfaces. Sheets and towels will be delivered in sealed bags. This is the reason why you may find bedspreads and linings placed on special stands to be aired out, instead of the usual preparation. This is not about negligence but rather the clear desire to offer you the highest possible safety standards: it would cost us less to let you find the bedspread well tucked in, instead of spraying every cm before your arrival.

 Swimming pool and solarium area

Access to the swimming pool will be allowed to small family groups at a time. The water in the swimming pool will be treated with chlorine and the deck chairs and umbrellas will be sanitized after each change of guests. We are confident that we can trust in common sense: everyone has the right to enjoy a bath and the sun. Please be patient if we will politely ask you to leave the turn to other waiting guests from time to time.

For you and your loved ones

We put at your disposal a briefing prepared by Federalberghi in collaboration with international experts. Please read it carefully and comply with the behavioral rules indicated. They will be very important for you, for your family members and for all the people who will relate to you.

Federalberghi corona virus

Federalberghi coronavirus informativa

Federalberghi accoglienza sicura depliant

 Our promise

It will be physical and non-social distancing. We will do our best to stay close to you with all possible care and dedication


Iveta and the whole team

Residenza Le Farfalle