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The holiday apartments of the Le Farfalle Residence are located in the small town of Tergu, Sardinia, a quiet and hospitable town with a farming/pastoral vocation overlooking the Gulf of Asinara, which is 5.5 km from Lubagnu and 7 km from Castelsardo.

Tergu is characterised by the genuineness and hospitality of its inhabitants, excellence in food production – farmers and herders produce handmade cheeses and tasty sausages – and the tranquility of the area which, together with the greenery and healthy air, make it a locality of “good living”. It has a temperate climate, cooled by the sea breeze, and large expanses of greenery that cheer the soul. For further information about historical monuments and the possibilities for excursions,  consult the Excursions section.

The various agricultural activities taking place around the town give visitors an insight into the times and dynamics of pastoral and rural life.

It is a town with very close ties to its historical and religious traditions, including one that deserves mention: the Nativity of Mary on 8 September, whose festivities last for three days, from 7 to 9 September. In addition to the religious procession, the feast attracts thousands of people because of its characteristic folklore: parades with costumes from the different regions of Sardinia, a knights on horseback challenge, a food festival and dancing late into the night. Another traditional festivity that is equally loved is that of “Lunissanti”. It is celebrated on the Monday before Easter. Apart from religious rituals, parades, processions and a cappella choral songs which mark different times of the day and evening, this is a real country festival full of joy that brings together families and young people.

Castelsardo: we have already mentioned its historic and cultural treasures and beauties in the section on Excursions, and its seabeds in the section on Beaches.

A few words are also well spent on the ultramodern port of Castelsardo where you can moor your boat or rent one, or leave on one of the organised excursions to the beautiful Island of Asinara, all at competitive rates compared with other ports in northern Sardinia.

Over the years,Castelsardo has also become known for its tradition of craftsmanship –  the baskets and doilies still hand-made by the women of the town are considered to be precious artifacts – which has given rise to major shopping centres for craft purchases.

In spring, there is a very varied programme of festivals, traditions and religious feasts, and during the summer its square comes alive with festivals, concerts and theme nights.

Not to be missed is a dinner of shellfish and freshly caught fish at one of the many seafood restaurants in the town.